Multi-course Collaboration is “fun”

I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall whilst trying to organise the film shoot. I originally wanted all my footage shot by the end of January, or at the latest, the first week of February. Well, thats all out the window now. Its not going to be shot until the end of February, which, of course, throws my schedule out the window. I feel a lot of this is simply down to the fact that getting hold of Motion Design has been “interesting”. I never seem to get replies to my emails, although I have at least established they are getting read. Im not sure if knowing they are being read and then ignored is more or less frustrating than them not even being read.

The past two days have left me feeling drained and panicked after it seemed we would have to do an emergency last minute shoot to get as much footage as possible with only a day and a halfs notice. Gareth, my tutor, had helped me organise a meeting with some of the Motion Design course for the 18th February in order to do the filming on the 21st/22nd. However I was then informed that this clashed with the annual Ffresh festival, which the Motion Design course is often quite involved in. Unable to get any response or confirmation from Motion Design as to whether this was an issue or not, I started trying to make emergency plans to film today (which at the time was less than 48 hours away). My graduate compositor advised against the whole situation, certain that last minute shoots never work out. This of course made me feel worse since noone was really presenting me with any other options, and shooting couldn’t be pushed back further as my animators are meant to start animating at the beginning of March.

Thankfully, it turns out my worry was for nothing and the students involved in my filming would unlikely be attending Ffresh on the Friday 22nd. As such, the last minute shoot was scrapped and I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief.

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