Thank you for wanting to

Support my journey

Watch the Streams

The simplest way is to just follow me on Twitch, watch my streams and share with your friends.

Subscribe on Twitch

You can subscribe on Twitch for additional support and perks. Amazon Prime users can subscribe for free.

Donate Directly

Thank you! All donations go directly towards funding the stream.

Just come and

Hang out with me

One of the greatest ways you can support me as a streamer is to give me a follow, watch the streams live and hang out in the stream chat to talk to me.

Active participation with my viewers is what makes streaming such an enjoyable hobby and without all of you hanging out with me it wouldn’t be fun or worth doing.

If you really enjoy what you are watching, you can also tell your friends about me and encourage them to come watch too: the more the merrier!!

Some folks like to

subscribe and cheer

As an affiliate on Twitch I get a portion of all revenue earned by the stream. So all subscriptions, cheers (bits) and ads do help to support me.

Subscribing to my Twitch gives you access to emote(s) to use within the stream chat. More subscribers unlocks additional emote slots so that all subscribers get more Squiggle emote cuteness. It is a direct way of helping me to grow my stream.

If you have Amazon Prime, you get one free prime subscription to use on a Twitch channel of your choice. This works just like a paid for subscription and benefits me in exactly the same way. Prime subscriptions do not automatically renew however, so to support the stream long term with a prime subscription you do need to remember to manually renew every month.

Subscribing also gives you a subscriber role on the Arkadius Gaming discord and access to a private channel to chat with other subscribers, VIPs and staff.

Thank you to all my subscribers, your generosity helps the channel to grow!

What do you do with


In a perfect world the stream would grow enough to become a full time job but for now that’s just a pipe dream. However, even with the streaming a fun hobby it has ongoing costs to try and maintain the highest quality possible. Donations will never be required as I truely love streaming and sharing my adventures with you all. I am aware, despite it not being needed, that some people may still wish to support my journey and I am forever grateful to anyone who chooses to do so, however much or little is donated.

Donations have the advantage of not going through Twitch and their payout system, meaning I do receive 100% of the amount donated.

All donations will go towards funding the costs of maintaining and improving the stream and those who work with me on it. Also funding things like competitions and events with prizes for the viewers. Some future gear I am looking to purchase include:

  • A separate microphone and stand to provide higher quality audio and commentary.
  • A capture card to allow for streaming console games as well.
  • A newer webcam so that you can see me in higher quality. (This will also allow the old webcam to be used as a movable Nelson cam when he hangs out on my desk.)
  • A green screen to hide the distracting clutter in my room behind me.
  • Lights to provide better quality webcam images and counter the issues of having my bedroom light hanging behind me.
  • New games to provide a wider variety of things to stream. This includes purchasing copies for the other members of Arkadius for multiplayer adventures.

Thank you so much in advance for your support, I am so grateful for your belief in me.