That’s No Elephant…

Well, yesterday I finally received my high poly elephant from my artist. 9 days later than promised, and almost a month overdue. There are no words to describe the panic and dissappointment that went through my mind when I opened that file. I saw the sculpt in zbrush and it seemed usable. This model though, is really not what I was expecting and has not met the requirements that I gave my artist.

I will admit to having wasted a bit of time worrying, panicking and wondering what the next steps I should take are. There is relatively little time left on this project now.

Thankfully, another student has offered to create a new high poly elephant for me, working from the original low poly. His work is seriously impressive and Im excited to see what he can produce in just 5 days. I have informed him I can push back starting rendering until Monday, but thats the longest I can wait. This delay means I absolutely have to drop the majority of the scenes with the elephant. Ill just have to aim to get the three most important ones completed.

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