Sound Sync

This was the first project involving collaboration. We were split up in to groups of three (mostly) though me being at the end of the alphabet, my group only had two of us. Each group was then given a 30 second(ish) clip of music which we split up in to three (or two in our case) sections. We then came up with ideas of creating an animation that represented the music and hopefully all linked together in some way.

We were very lucky with the music we got. It was probably one of the best clips of the entire year. Very easy to break down and we had loads of ideas for possible themes. After a bit of planning the two of us agreed on a night and day theme and set to work breaking down the timing of the song and then creating our animation.

This is the final result. We were using Autodesk 3ds Max for the animation and Premiere for the video editting. The first half was created by my partner Pavel (Paul) Tsihhotski and the second half was done by me.



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