Pokemon : #626

Got another tshirt up on Qwertee today. I think this might be my favourite so far. I just desperately hope it goes to print cos I would LOVE to actually own this tshirt XD


For any who don’t get the text… Stitch is also known as Experiment #626 (in Lilo and Stitch) and all Pokemon are numbered ^_^

If you like the design a vote would be great, and, hey, some publicity/shares would also be awesome 😉


  1. Hello.

    I bought your Girthulu shirt (GREAT design!) and saw this. Since Qwertee no longer has the design, is there a chance you will offer it (and others you have designed) on a site like RedBubble? I am quite the fan of Lilo & Stitch and love this mashup.

    1. Don’t panic, Qwertee are in fact printing this starting at 11pm GMT on 4th November, thats why it is no longer in the voting section 🙂 It is getting printed without the text however, due to, I assume, copyright issues 😛

  2. Have you submitted this to Teefury.com too? =O I would love-love-LOVE to buy this shirt, and definitely would if it popped up on Tee. In a heartbeat. It’s aborable, and oh so perfect.<3

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