More Tshirts

Oh yes, the tshirt designing is not yet over. This week (in fact last Thursday) yet another Shirt.Woot derby began, this one entitled “Famous Internet Moments through Art History” Or something equally long and… well yeah. The subject stumped me for a bit, and I doodled unsuccessfully producing things that I hastily rubbed out or scribbled over in disgust at the poor quality. Then at last, a brainwave. I could make a drawing playing off Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”. I immediately set to work and so I thought my entry was complete. Sadly, when I posted it up for some critique before entering, someone pointed out I had completely misread the Derby rules. They wanted something drawn with the style of something from art history, not a cartoon parodying a famous painting. I almost didn’t bother to do anything else, until lying in bed whilst trying to sleep another idea came to me. The O RLY owl had been shown no love by any of the wooters. I knew what I had to do….

So theres the selection of work I did towards this weeks derby and I did in fact submit my O RLY owl. Of course, as my first derby, I never expected to get anywhere near winning. However Im about halfway up the ranks, so Im pretty pleased with that for a first submission. So, for those of you nosy, here’s a link to my derby entry: YA RLY

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