1. I don’t suppose there is any chance that shirt will get sold again or you will be selling it? I really wanted it but didn’t get payed until today so I had to miss it.

    1. I will be putting this design up on Qwertee in the next month or so, and I will make a post about it on the blog when I do so. So if you keep your eye out here, and perhaps at Qwertee, hopefully it will get printed there at some point too, although the colours may change slightly as they have a limit of 5 inks, rather than 6 like most places. Teefury never got back to me about it, which generally means they aren’t interested. Currently, those plus Shirt.Punch are the three main 24 hour tshirt sites Im aware of. If you have any other suggestions of places to get it printed then feel free to give me a suggestion. Currently I don’t have a redbubble store, though perhaps when I have a few more designs I may consider it. Again, if I ever do I will of course post it on this blog.

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