Double Negative Graduate Open Day

So, I was lucky enough to be one of the successful applicants to Double Negative’s first ever graduate open day. I’ve been interested in the work Double Negative does for a long time now, especially after a great talk we had during my second year about their work on John Carter. It was a fantastic opportunity to get a closer look at the company and how they operate. The afternoon consisted of a short tour (avoiding showing us anything that needed to stay out of the public eye of course) followed by a really interesting talk about some of their work on Fast and Furious 6. Next there was a Q&A session followed by a chance to network with a variety of the staff.

I had some really interesting conversations about possible career paths and I now know that getting into the rigging team at DNeg is possibly one of the hardest goals I could set myself. Of course, that hasn’t put me off, its merely made me all the more determined to prove what I am capable of.

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