No Sign of the High Poly Elephant

So, my artist promised me the high poly elephant would be with me on Sunday. Its the middle of the week now and I’ve heard nothing from him and not seen him in university. I was pretty frustrated to discover that hes actually gone to FMX and hes not even in the country. I dont have a problem with people going to such a major event in the animation world. I would love to have gone myself! What I do have a problem with is an individual knowing they have work to give to others and disappearing with no word on where they are or why the work has not been finished.

I am seriously unimpressed. Its looking very unlikely now that I stand any chance of getting every scene in my original edit finished. Im going to have to just pick the most important scenes, the ones that still tell the story and prioritise them and see how much I can get rendered and composited for hand in.

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