Filming is Complete

All of the filming is now done and I have the footage from the first shoot, some of which is absolutely brilliant. This has got to be my favourite shot:


I just love the depth of field.

The second day of filming wasn’t nearly as cold as the first, and even with only two of us, we were done by lunch time. A huge chunk of our time was actually spent simply waiting for all the delivery vans to leave so that the streets were less cluttered. The final shot was probably one of the hardest to set up. I wanted to catch some footage of a flock of pidgeons being startled and flying away. In order to encourage them all to congregate in the first place, I scattered a small handful of bread crumbs across the pavement. It was a good 10-15 minutes before the first pidgeon found them, but once it did, the rest joined within a minute or two. Now all we had to do was scare them and manage to film them taking off. The first couple of attempts ended with me accidentally running in to shot, but after some practice I worked out where I had to stop. Sadly we couldnt move the camera fast enough to pan with them, so eventually we just settled on them flying out of shot.

It feels great to know that the stress of filming is hopefully over and all I now have to worry about is the digital side of things.

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