Canine Walk Cycle

The VFX team have decided to remove the canine animations from their production. As such I have decided not to try and skin and rig the model that the artist has provided. I have already spent a large chunk of this project skinning and rigging and I feel that putting some more time into animating would be more beneficial for me. I also feel that the model is not quite as anatomically correct as I would like and as he does not have the time to edit it again for me, it would be very difficult to rig, skin and animate and get it to look good.

Instead, I have decided to edit the panther CAT rig to look like a dog and animate that. This is an early version of my walk cycle. Theres a slight jump in the chest at the moment which is causing it to look like the dog is limping very slightly, hopefully I can locate the problem and fix it to get a nice smooth walk.



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