“11 Second Club”

This project was based around the idea of the 11 second club. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know what that is, its awesome to look at. A nice monthly competition to animate to an 11 second voice/sound clip.


Anyway, this project was about four weeks long, one of which was pre-production and one of which was reading week. It was a hard slog, seriously hard work but a good introduction to animating and the stages that go in to creating a polished final piece.

We broke the animation down in to a series of stages to get done one at a time. Firstly we blocked out the main poses, then added some in between poses. Over the first week we just built up the in between poses in a stepped animation format. Once we had got out blocked animation fairly cemented we were able to move onto the smooth animation and start tidying up. Once things were tidy we could finally set to work on the facial animation and the lip sync. The eyes/eyebrows I found tricky but was pleased with the final result. However the lip sync, although pretty much in time to the clip, the actual lip movements were very unconvincing in places. Sadly, I just ran out of time to be able to keep playing with it.



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